Heal Your Life Courses with Mary Kate O Flanagan Spring/Summer 2021. 

8-week Evening Course, April-May 2021. 
This course is once a week for two hours. It is an evening course, designed for those who are ready to change their habits of thinking. There will be optional assignments most weeks to complete outside of class time.

Venue: Zoom 

Times: 20:00-22:00  Thursday evenings, commencing April 1 2021.

Fees: €399 per person or by donation if that's out of reach 

To book your place or make enquiries contact marykateireland@gmail.com

Advanced: Individual Work on Specific Areas 


 This is for people who are already familiar with the concepts of Louise Hay and practising meditation. If you have a specific area where you need guidance and support we can make an individual plan for you. 
















This workshop is for film-makers who  are interested in deepening their understanding of how plot works onscreen. We will look at the key ingredient of dramatic tension - how to create it and how to sustain it.  In particular we will examine the use of sequences in short films and feature length stories  to focus a narrative and keep tension high for the audience. 


Producers, directors and script editors will find this useful, as well as screenwriters. We will address:


  • The three act-structure - as applied to whole stories, sequences and scenes. 

  • Sequences as the building blocks of stories on the screen 

  • Character vs Plot 

  • The Lubitsch Touch 

  • The art of re-writing a scene

  • Visuals versus dialogue

  • Making the internal life of the character external on the screen 


Dates: Saturday and Sunday dates tbc.  

Times: 11:00 – 18:00.

Venue: Odessa Club, 4 Dame Court Dublin 2.

Fees: Euro 220 per person, 180 concessions, 150 WGI members and early bird bookings

Enquiries to: marykateireland@gmail.com or call Mary Kate on 086 816 3656.