Mary Kate is a professional writer and editor, a published short story writer and Ireland's Grand Slam Champion Storyteller at The Moth. You can see more about her serious work at

This website is dedicated to the work of helping people to change their lives by changing their own individual stories. 


Mary Kate trained to give the Heal Your Life Workshops after her own positive experience of Louise Hay's philosophy.

​"What if this period of suffering contains the greatest gift or your life (so far)?"

It was radical to me to learn that I could choose my own thoughts. Until I learned that, I thought, good things happen and things go my way, I'm happy. Bad things happen and I don't get my way, I'm unhappy. That makes sense, right? It was only when very little was going my way that I decided, in despair really, to do an evening class that said I could heal my life. 

I'm so grateful to the wonderful woman who led that workshop. I had thought that as the Autumn turned to Winter, I would start wanting to skip my evening class and go home where a fire and a hot meal was waiting. But instead it became the bright spot of my week. I looked forward to it and went willingly. As I put the new things I was learning into practice, my inner life transformed. 


I vividly remember my friend Susan coming to see my in the little cottage where I lived, about a month after I started the course. I met her at the gate and she looked at my glowing face and said, "What's happened? Have you met someone? Come into money? Got a great job?" I laughed and said, "No. All of that is coming but it's not here yet. What's happened is I've been given the key to managing my own thoughts". And I still believe that today. It doesn't mean my life is perfect or that I get it right all day, every day. I'm still having a human experience and making mistakes. I just have the chance to feel a little better and to do a little better every day.