The most important story you will ever tell is the story you tell yourself all day, every day. Make it a good one. 




The Vision 

Our lives are coloured by our inner monologues. We tell ourselves stories all day, every day, about the past and the future, about the state of the world, about the people we meet and of course about ourselves. Nearly all of the thousands of thoughts we have every day come to us unbidden, through force of habit. And many of them are making us fearful, angry, bitter. When we accept the premise that we can choose our thoughts (radical but true), we take control of our inner lives. We can curate our thoughts, releasing the ones that don't serve us, and learning new habits of thought that support us.  We can meet life calmly and optimistically. We become fearless in the true sense of the word. 

The Approach

Our work is in the tradition of the revered teacher of positive thinking, Louise Hay.  

For now, I offer the 8-week Heal Your Life programme based on the work of Louise Hay online only. In person workshops will resume when life and schedules allow. 
We want everyone to have access to this work, so if the course fees are out of your reach, you can make a donation instead. 
If the course fee is out of reach for you, you can pay a donation instead by arrangement.

Mary Kate O Flanagan  Workshop Leader

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